Energy visualization project

The energy visualization project is an open data initiative that is focused on developing advanced, interactive data visualizations that will help make Canada's energy data publicly accessible, transparent and understandable. This is a team project in collaboration with the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), formerly called the National Energy Board of Canada (the NEB).


Our Work

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imports exports visualization preview

Imports and Exports

This online tool portrays imports and exports of energy products to and from Canada. This visualization show quarterly energy trade data between Canada and the U.S. since 1985, with the exception of electricity data which is available back to 1990.

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Making an impact on the world

The CER visualizations have already won a federal award, when the NEB (now called CER) was awarded the 2016 Regulatory Excellence Award for Contribution to Innovation in the Regulatory Field. The visualizations we create will be released to the public, and we will interview stakeholders to make sure their needs are addressed. The visualizations provide us with a way to study the impact of visualizations on making open data accessible, and provide us with many challenges that require cutting-edge research and have significant potential for high-quality research output.

Data Empowerment Speaker Series

We regularly host a wonderful range of speakers from all over the world and they are here to spread their passion for data. Our lectures include an overview of speakers' research regarding data and data visualizations.

Our previous speakers' topics have included: visual narratives, digital technologies and environmental change, accessible web visualizations, augmented visual perception, browsing sound collections, infographics beyond pictures, and thinking with sketches

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A world-class environment

The Energy Visualization Research Project is led by Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale in the Innovations in Visualization lab and Dr. Wesley Willett in the Data Experience lab at the University of Calgary. This project is in collaboration with the National Energy Board and The Hester View. Software development is provided by VizworX.

Our research & design team is part of the larger Interactions Lab at the University of Calgary, a world-class HCI and Information Visualization lab with creative and motivated researchers, including more than 40 students and 7 professors.

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