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We are looking for talented postdoctoral researchers in Information Visualization, Design and/or Interaction Design. The project is an open data initiative that is focused on developing advanced, interactive data visualizations that will help make Canada's energy data publicly accessible, transparent and understandable. These positions provide funding for two years at the University of Calgary, one of Canada's top research universities. Calgary is Canada's fastest-growing city at the foothills of the beautiful Canadian Rockies, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The successful candidate will be deeply involved in the research in the lab, working closely with domain experts and stakeholders, creating new design ideas, developing new visual representations, fine tuning designs, and creating prototypes and communicating these designs to relevant team members. They will also be involved in mentoring students who are working on the project. The successful candidate's work will include participating in various outreach activities — including designing and running workshops and providing formal and informal demonstrations to appropriate stakeholders. The successful candidate's work will focus explicitly on designing novel interactive visualizations and interaction techniques and will include opportunities to publish at visualization venues.

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Work in a world-class environment

You will be working primarily with Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale in the Innovations in Visualization lab and with Dr. Wesley Willett in the Data Experience lab. You will be part of the larger Interactions Lab at the University of Calgary, a world-class HCI and Information Visualization lab with creative and motivated researchers, including more than 40 students and 7 professors.

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Make an impact on the world

The NEB visualizations have already won a federal award, when the NEB was awarded the 2016 Regulatory Excellence Award for Contribution to Innovation in the Regulatory Field. The visualizations we create will be released to the public, and we will interview stakeholders to make sure their needs are addressed. The visualizations provide us with a way to study the impact of visualizations on making open data accessible, and provide us with many challenges that require cutting-edge research and have significant potential for high-quality research output.

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Our Work

The following projects showcase some examples of our work.

Energy Futures

Based on data from the NEB's Energy Futures reports, these visualizations allow you to explore energy production and consumption trends and forecast them into the future.

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Citizen Engagement in Participatory Sensing

Citizens have the potential to play an important role in many different scientific settings, but when and where do the motivations and capacities citizen participants and scientists align? We've explored the experience of citizen engagement in participatory sensing and examined the trade-offs between data quality, capacity, and impact in real-world settings.

CHI '17 paper

Constructive Visualization

We present constructive visualization a new paradigm for the simple creation of flexible, dynamic visualizations. The constructive visualization approach builds on our inherent understanding and experience with physical building blocks, offering a model that enables non-experts to create entirely novel visualizations, and to engage with datasets in a manner that would not have otherwise been possible.

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